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22 Dec 2011 Invitation to apply to become an independent assessor of group 2 driving licence applicants

People with diabetes treated with insulin are now able to apply for any  group two driving licence . The process of assessment will be
1) A driver wishing to apply for a Group 2 licence will first have to fill out a self-declaration form and consent.
2)Information will be obtained from their clinician (Consultant or GP).  This will generate a fee that will be paid by the DVLA. Applicants who clearly fail on the criteria will not proceed further.  Applicants whose application is rejected can reapply in the future if their circumstances change.
3) The DVLA will refer applicants who meet the criteria for an independent assessment by a consultant diabetologist, who will report to DVLA.  A fee will be paid by the DVLA.  
4) The final decision as to fitness to drive a class 2 vehicle will lie with the DVLA.
5) There is a right of appeal to a local magistrates or sheriffs court.

Although local diabetologists known to the patient may be involved at stage 2, the DVLA requires a rigorous independent assessment at stage 3. ABCD has agreed to assist the DVLA in identifying assessors for stage 3 (the independent assessment).Discussions are proceeding to set up a training programme for any consultant diabetologist holding a CST wishing to be an independent  assessor. Meanwhile in view of the need to establish the assessment process without delay, consultants holding a CST in diabetes who feel that they have appropriate experience are invited to apply to the DVLA using the attached form.

Click here to download the application form.


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