In 2011 a group our diabetes trainees were involved in establishing the Wales group of the Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum (YDEF).

YDEF Wales is an educational event for SpRs and Clinical Research Fellows in Endocrinology and Diabetes across Wales. This event provides young diabetologists in Wales with the opportunity to interact with experts in the field of diabetes mellitus in a set of workshops. In addition, attendees have the chance to establish a collaboration network for future research and clinical studies in Wales. 

The first meeting took place 25-26 November 2011 at Miskin Manor, South Wales. Apart from the high educational content in the field of diabetes, the event also featured workshops on soft skills with a great opportunity for collaboration and networking among the young diabetologists in Wales. Speakers at the event included Prof Colin Dayan (Cardiff), Prof Simon Heller (Sheffield), Prof Jonathan Richards (Wales), Dr Stephen Thomas (London), Prof Susan Wong (Cardiff), Dr Alan Rees (Cardiff) and Dr Aled Rees (Cardiff).

YDF Wales 2012 took place on 23-24 November 2012 at Miskin Manor. The topics covered included new therapies in type 2 diabetes, retinopathy, GLP-1 analogues in diabetes, insulin pump therapy and medicolegal issues in diabetes. Speakers included Prof Susan Wong (Cardiff), Dr John Peters (Cardiff), Dr Julia Platts (Cardiff), Dr Vinod Patel (Warwick), Dr Richard Chudleigh (Swansea) and Dr David Millar-Jones (Cardiff).

YDEF Wales 2013 was held on 22-23 November 2013 at Marriott Hotel, Cardiff, with 20-30 delegates in attendance. Friday afternoon workshops were on medicolegal and ‘quality’ themes and the evening keynote lecture delivered by Mr Elijah Ablorsu (Cardiff) on Pancreatic transplant in type 1 diabetes. The Saturday morning workshops were taken by experts including Prof Mike Edmonds (London), Prof Susan Wong (Cardiff) and Prof Steve Bain (Swansea). The final lecture, on ‘Charcot foot’ was given by Prof Mike Edmonds.

We look forward to YDEF Wales 2014 in November 2014. Please follow the YDEF website for updates

Below: YDF Wales 2013 delegates with Prof Mike Edmonds (London) and Prof Susan Wong (Cardiff).