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How to register

  1. Go to CDEP’s website at:
  2. Click on the link in the top right corner: SIGN IN / REGISTER
  3. Under NEW CANDIDATE REGISTRATION, enter your EMAIL address and click CREATE ACCOUNT
  4. Complete the rest of the registration for and you are all set to start CDEP!
  5. For free access to courses please contact your local diabetes teams for a code

Each topic has a different number of competencies (depending on the topic and your chosen CDEP level). So the length of time differs from 15 mins (Hospital Hypos) to 5 hours (Nutrition & Physical Activity), but most topics take around 1-2 hours to complete.

CDEP currently offers 19 topics. People may start wherever they choose as there is no particular order that needs to be followed.

If in doubt… start at the top with ‘Structured diabetes education’- it’s a great way to familiarise yourself with CDEP!

No, once you finish a topic you can generate a certificate of competency for that specific topic.


CDEP has 5 levels (as per the UK diabetes competency framework)

  • Core – the minimum level for staff who have any contact with people living with diabetes. Ideal for HCAs, receptionists, students, psychologists, care workers, etc.
  • Intermediate – perfect for staff who are not primarily responsible for supporting people manage their diabetes, but their role may impact on care e.g. practice nurses, GPs, paramedics, ward/care home/mental health/prison staff, HCAs trained to deliver enhanced diabetes care, podiatrists (not working in diabetes foot clinics), physiotherapists, midwives, pharmacists, etc.
  • Diabetes Specialist – ideal for staff responsible for delivering the majority of diabetes care in their setting or for staff starting to specialise in supporting complex diabetes care e.g. practice nurse, GPs, dietitians, junior DSNs, diabetes link nurses, diabetes podiatrists / midwives / pharmacists, etc.
  • Diabetes Expert – this level is for staff delivering intensive care to complex diabetes cases or delivering diabetes specialist support to other staff.
  • Diabetes Consultant – Suitable for staff delivering complex specialist diabetes care as well as responsible for workforce / business planning and diabetes clinical strategy in their region.


Once you have chosen a level, CDEP offers you all the topics and competencies that are appropriate for that level. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong level, you can easily change your level in the ‘my account’ section on the website.

Just log in when and where you can and do a few competencies within a topic – one can take as little a

minute to do. Once a competency is finished, it will automatically be saved, so none of your work will be lost if you dip in and out!

  • Structured diabetes education
  • Promoting self-care
  • Mental health and diabetes
  • What is diabetes
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Hyperglycaemia
  • Oral Therapies
  • Injectable Therapies
  • Foot Care
  • Nutrition
  • Blood glucose and ketone monitoring
  • Pre-conception care
  • Screening, prevention & early detection of type 2 diabetes
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity (intermediate level & above)
  • Managing diabetes in hospital
  • Hospital Hypos
  • Safe use of insulin in hospital
  • Managing diabetes in residential or nursing home care
  • Carbohydrate counting and insulin injection doseadjustment (diabetes specialist level and above)

Completing CDEP ‘s evaluation after finishing a topic, automatically generates a reflection document for you to submit as part of evidence for revalidation.

So have a careful think about the impact of the topic when answering the questions as you can not go back later to change your answers. Like the certificate, the reflection form can be emailed or printed from your CDEP account.

Ever wondered what your patients, their carers or your peers thought about your diabetes knowledge?

You can invite feedback on your diabetes clinical practice in specific areas that match the CDEP topics via our secure clinical practice feedback portal.

Look out for the link when your next sign into CDEP…
‘Create a Clinical Practice Feedback Request’

All you have to do is ask their permission to share their email address with CDEP.

Help is always on hand…

Learning resources are available which can be assessed before, during or after the topic competencies. For more support, please contact:

CDEP will send you monthly emails helping you make the most of the CDEP. Inactive CDEP accounts (ie accounts registered, but no learning undertaken) may be deleted after a reasonable period of time so that someone else can take advantage of the funded diabetes training.